Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tartuffe by University Theater

UGA's production of Tartuffe was a modernized adaptation by Ranjit Bolt, and was set in Washington D.C. While the play did stay true to the original by keeping in verse and otherwise mostly identical. There are some noticeable differences however, particularly the maid's colorful language and references to computers and other modern inventions.

Tartuffe starred Oregon (Brandon Wentz) as a misguide wealthy fighter pilot and Tarrtuffe (a religious hypocrite) who fools Oregon into giving him his daughter Mariane (Ali Shinall), his home, and some incriminating documents. Brandon Wentz , a first year graduate student, and Ray Paolino, a university professor and member of the actors equity union, both played there parts excellently, but the real star of the show was Jamie Gray Hyder (Dorine, the maid), a undergrad and graduating senior as well as member of I Commediante Georgiani. Her comedic timing and flirtatious nature stole the show and saved the day. The cast was rounded out by Frances Isabel Humphreys (Elmire), Nathaniel Collum (Damis), Morgan Duke (Mme. Pernelle), Bradly Golub (Valere), Ian Carlson (a bailiff) and Jonny Taylor, an officer.

Of course it is because of Moliere's writing, that this play has stood the test of time. While the use of verse is foreign to most of today's audience's it was historically how plays were written (until very recently). But it is his comedic genius and social satire that keeps audiences coming back, year after year. Not only is his ability to expose religious hypocrisy without ridiculing true religious fervor amazing, it is also a theme relevant to today's current social and political climate.

If you haven't seen this production of Tartuffe I highly recommend you see it if for nothing else but to enjoy the experience of seeing a play and being in the Senely-Stovall Chapel. There are 5 more performances, Wednesday- Saturday at 8pm, and a Sunday matinee.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hot Corner Coffee

This is a decent coffee shop. I wasn't really impressed with the coffee or drinks, but it is a very popular place. One thing they have going for them that the other coffee shops in town don't have is that they have regular open mike nights and live music and theater. The prices are pretty high compared to some of the other places. It's not that I don't recommend it or I don't go here, just that it doesn't seem to be all that unique, other than the whole entertainment thing.

The only thing I don't like is that the prices seem to be a little high for no reason. The coffee's not bad, but it doesn't stand out so there doesn't seem to be any justification. They also are very crowded at times. But ever since the close of Blue Sky Coffee every coffee shop in town is crowded.

They are supposedly open 24 hours which is one nice factor. So if the idea of a 24 hour coffee place appeals to you, that might give you another reason to check it out.