Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hamletmachine-University Theater

This production (which was written by Heiner Muller) is amazing. I do not know how to begin to describe the awsomeness that is this play. It is very symbolic and lyrically very tight. The play is a deconstruction of Hamlet, that took Muller 30 years to write. The play itself is short and subject to much interpretation. I was a both excited and little worried when reading the play because had the potential to be amazing but it appeared to be difficult. In my opinion, Del Hamilton (the director), the cast, and the actors all did an excellent job. I don't want to waste a lot of time describing the production, because I don't really think that gives a real idea of the play. If you are interested in a summary the flagpole has a nice article, you can also read the short (4 pages) script online here.
I'm really glad that I did see the play but I'm sorry that I waited so long, because I would love to see it again. There will be one more performance tomorrow in Athens, after that the play will move to 7 Stages in Atlanta and run there.
Hamletmachine is quite an unusual play. For one thing the characters break the fourth wall, as well as sit in the audience at several points. There is also quite a bit of interactive media involved - projections, televisions, ect. This is one of those plays that definately has to be experenced and cannot just be seen. It's not an easy play to understand, and I think having a good understanding of Hamlet, as well as knowing something about the historical and political settings of the play help. I still think its enjoyable anyway, just because of the stunning visuals and strangeness.

Friday, March 2, 2007

sort of update

All three of you may have noticed I haven't been posting lately.
Flunking out of college is hard.
Not flunking is harder.
Don't worry I will return. Shortly.