Saturday, February 12, 2005

Cedar Shoals and Clarke Central's production of Chicago-The Musical

Nice, well, put together, worth the 4 bucks.
Ali Sanders as Roxie was good , great actress, exceptional singer. Not loud,
would have liked to have heard her more.
Velma. Nice singer. Great singer
Not an actress. Not bad, however with enough practice the role could at
least be pulled off by almost any beginning actor.
Billy Flynn. Great actor, sounded like he had a sore throat, fortuanately a
great singer was not needed for this role.
The Matron mama. great. great great. The role didn't require a great actor
but she gave it her all and made it a standout.
Amos was a standout. This was onee of the roles that required a lot of insight and
preperation. He obviously knew his stuff.
For the most part the ensamble, along with the costumes and the coreography
really made this play. Like the other two musicals I've seen at Cedar
(cindrella 2002, the man eating plant -2003) for the most part the ensamble
really added to the whole experiance by staying in character and true to the play. There were a few people who were a little off or just didn' t get it however.
Mary Sunshine was a horrible singer. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.
I loved how they ended the show by dancing to hot mama rag.
dancing and other coreography was amazing.
They used simple sets but that was fine. Part of the reason for this was because they transported the entire set from one highschool to another.

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