Thursday, October 12, 2006

Saving Grace (and Gabriel Kelley)

Saving Grace is the name of a very good gourmet restaurant in Comer, GA (yes they have a restruant in Comer!!!). It also the name of a song by a very good and very promising local act currently going by the name of Gabriel Kelley. Members of Gabriel Kelley frequently play acoustic sets at the restaurant. I don't know if this was planned or some kind of happy accident. I do know that the song has been around longer than the restaurant, so the band did not name the song after it.

Saving Grace is a fairly new restaurant. I belive it opened sometime this past summer. They do not have an alcohol liscense yet, but you may bring in your own beer or wine. They have an excellent menu featuring fresh produce which I have been told comes mostly from the Comer Farmers Market (located next door). They serve a veriety of food including a vegitarian fare at reasonable prices ($8-15). They also serve coffee and excellent desserts. I had the spinach lasagne and the green beans, both were excellently prepared using fresh ingredents and just the right spices. The only complaint I had was that they did not serve bread, but the food was so good I did not miss it. As I mentioned they also serve coffee and excellent desserts. I had a carmel cake which may now be my new favorite. It was indescribably deliscious, especially with coffee.

Gabriel Kelley played two acoustic sets while we enjoyed our meal. I have to say I've enjoyed watching Gabe and his sound mature over the years. We got a special treat as Gabe's mom joined them on her mandolin at the beginging of the first set in the cover of a folk song. As you may or may not know Gabe got his start a young age playing at picking parties and the Hoot with the Athens Folk Music and Dance Society. They also played several originals, including the aformentioned "Saving Grace" "Daisies" and "Breathe". They bill them selves as a country/folk/pop group but I encourage you to decide for yourself how to catagorize them. Or you could forget about labels and listen to them either at thier website or (the better choice) live.
Gabriel Kelley will be playing two shows in the athens area next week. Tuesday night (October 17th) they will be at the Mercury Lounge and Thursday (October 19th) they will be the opening act at the Flicker Theater and Bar. I am interested in finding out what they sound like as a full band and plan on checking them out.

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