Friday, November 17, 2006

House of Blue Leaves (John Guare)

This very entertaining play (Written by John Guare) has quickly become my favorite. It has a rather unusual plot. It concerns a zookeeper -songwriter who's household hurls into chaos on the day that the pope comes to New York. This highly entertaining and engaging dark comical satire on relationships takes place in the top floor apartment in a Brooklyn apartment in the 1960's.
One of my favorite aspects of this play is the characters very interesting tendency to break the fourth wall and address the audience with their thoughts, views, opinions and innermost feelings.

Town and Gown did a wonderful job with the set, casting, and directing (Amy Wright). Some notable performances where the little nun (Katie Dotson), Ronnie Shaughnessy (Zach Goulet), and the zookeeper/songwriter, Artie Shaunessy (Micheal Brogdon). If you haven't had a chance to catch this play there are two performances remaining 8 pm Saturday Nov, 18 ($12 students/seniors, $15 general) and 2 pm Sunday November 19th ($5). For more information visit town and gown or Theater Notes in Flagpole magazine.
(This is a blurb - a full review will be posted shortly).

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