Thursday, September 29, 2005

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is a new crime show on Fox. It stars Johnny Messner as Detective Lifer, a rough cop who takes the cases he wants and doesn't really follow orders from anyone. He has a new partner, Detective Hale, having just returned to the force after a six month absence after his old partner "kim" was killed in the line of duty. Unfortunately the character development stops here.

As this season's new shows go, Killer Instinct is not all that promising. The theme song Marilyn Manson's ________ Animals is probably the best part of the show. The acting is pretty bad, although not the worst I have seen and writing and dialogue could use some improvement.

Killer Instinct does have one other thing going for it though. It is very attention grabbing. The plot is unique and action driven. There are plenty of exciting scenes, inparticular the well publicized opening sequence where rare spiders crawl all over a young woman and paralyze her while her killer watches. As spook fest go, this show is definately creepy and may prove to be a cult hit among the Goth set and Marilyn Manson fans. 0therwise there are plenty of other better shows and things to do with your time.

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