Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Good Dirt and and Gallery

Good Dirt is a pottery studio that caters to the general public. Its a good asset to the community. They have lots of workshops ranging from Friday's try clay night to workshops and semester long classes and week long intensive clay camp in the summer. They have classes for adults, teens, and kids, however the summer camps are for kids and teens. The nice thing about good dirt is that they have something for just about everyone interested in clay. The only thing they are truly lacking in that department is good accommodations for local artists. You can rent studio space there, but as my brother has pointed out to me time after time, you have no control over when and how they fire anything.

The Gallery is a more recent addition to Good Dirt. They normally don't have any one prominent artist and instead feature a jumble of local potters and the occasional painter or photographer. The artwork kind of rotates in and out, with no set pattern. Currently they have quite a few local potters including Jeff Bishop and Rob Sutherland. Almost everything in the gallery is available for sale with prices ranging from $15 for small basic mug or bowl to $400+ for a large highly decorated piece of art.

Right now they are featuring some excellent pottery by artist Soon Bae Kim. Kim's artwork features a form of very colorful milifori . You can preview the show on the Good Dirt site or you can visit the Gallery at 510 B North Thomas St. Soon Bae Kim's pottery will be on display until November 5th.

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