Monday, April 26, 2010

11-30-07 Modern Skirts w/ Parachute Musical and John Ralston @ the 40 Watt Club, Athens GA

It's been a while folks, and most of you have probably forgotten about this little blog. But I haven't. Last night the Modern Skirts back from their tour of the U.K.But instead of talking about them, who get plenty of coverage I feel I ought to talk about the two opening acts.
The opening act was Parachute Musical, and from what I heard they were pretty listenable and I would have liked to heard more. Unfortunately I was a little late getting there and only heard the last few songs. The songs had a nice upbeat tempo and a catchy rock sound.
John Ralston on the other hand was not nearly so impressive. He was accompanied by a drummer, bassist, and a violin. While the violin was very nice, and the group, especially John was very talented I was not as impressed as I might have been. Mostly they just weren't as tight or as focused as I would have liked. Through out the act he kept joking about drinking too much the night before and considering his fan base and the reception he got from the crowd I think this may have something to do with it. He was very personable and funny in and odd sort of way. At one point he even acknowledged his own shortcomings by saying "This hasn't been a show so much as an exersize in what I can't drink." Later he added " I don't just drink you know. I like .. (pause) ... and Heroes, I'm on the 5th disk of the first season. I do other things." Not to say that I didn't enjoy his set at all, in fact I found my self dancing along to some of the more upbeat numbers.

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