Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Expresso Royal Coffee

This is my favorite coffee shop in this college town, although its hard to say why. It may because I've been going here so long that its where I had my first cup of coffee (or one of my first at any rate). Technically its not local at all, but that doesn't stop me. It's a small chain (18 stores mostly in the Northern Midwest),but it' a good one. They do have good coffee. Unlike Starbucks and Jittery Joe's the coffee is nice and nutty instead of sharp and bitter. The prices are pretty decent, and they have a good selection. Basically you can get just about any non-alcoholic beverage you might want.

One of the neat things about this place is that they have board games you can play while drinking your coffee. I don’t see very many people playing them, but its good to have anyway. They also have just about every free publication in town including the flagpole, the blotter, a weird new age magazine, and copies of Athens banner herald. The only truly bad thing about this place is that since the closing of Blue Sky, Expresso Royale has gotten quite crowded. It's still my favorite place in town to sit and have a cup of coffee.

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