Wednesday, August 10, 2005

School Kids Records

This local record store is one of two located downtown. School Kids is located on Clayton Street . Its more or less a locally run business, with only three stores and all of them in the southeast. The store is really well organized and really well lit so its easy to find things. They do cater to smaller labels so you will find a lot of that kind of stuff as well as older less recently released stuff. There's more of that than in places like the mall. Honestly I don't even know where other people buy records now, maybe Sam Goody and Best Buy or Sprawl-Mart?Basically you'll find stuff at School Kids you won't find there and the stuff you buy there your less likely to find at School Kids. There's not so much used stuff and they don't have any records but that's what Wuxtry's for. .

It's a good store and the prices are much fairer than most places (although from what I understand the record labels usually set the prices). Just because they cater to a local hipster crowd doesn't mean you won't find stuff that average joe likes, your just probably not going to find Nirvana, Tori Amos , Rage Against the Machine, the killers. They don't have stuff that MTV is telling the teeny bopper's to like.

The other thing they have a lot of is used bands. Other than athens music , School Kids is the source for local music. So if you like the local scene or your friend is in a band that's where you should go to pick up the cd.

Check it out.

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