Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Delta Airlines

I flew to Indiana from the Atlanta airport and back for Thanksgiving . We used Delta and because we didn't have any bags to check (just carry ons) it only took us 15 from the time we got to the airport (pulled up to the door) until we got to our gate. We used their new online checkin system which I highly recommed. While everyone else was trying to get their tickets from the highly overworked clerks and wait for said clerks to check their bags in, we were speeding throught security.
I've flown about 6 times pre-911 and 14 times since (2 that December) and althought its alot more paranoid than it was pre-911, even on the busiest day of the year(sunday after Thanksgiving), it didn't take the 3 hours to go through security like it did on 9/12/04.
The flight wasn't too bad either, at least it was short. I don't dislike flying, its just that the air pressure and the cramped seats get to me. I'm not a large person at all, I just don't like sitting down. Not only that, but they've really started skimping on the inflight food. We only had 4 choices on drinks, they didn't even serve alcohol to the first class passangers, and we got a very small bag of pretzles. One of these days they're not even going to serve drinks, even on long flights.They don't on Greyhound, but those tickets don't cost $325 one way (we bought them last minute).

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