Friday, December 10, 2004

Short Reviews from this Week

This is a show that deserves mention. It's a pretty good comedy. It's both intelligent and funny. Tuesday's episode was a little more up lifting than usual (Best Moment in Medicine), but it certainly wasn't sappy. All the characters behaved true to thier nature, and added some more depth. It was nice to see a show where someone almost dies, that was portrayed more realistically. It would have worked for the show if the father did die, but because of the theme, I prefered this ending(would have been really sad, but J.D., Elliot, and the rest would not have been able to shine in medicine)

Forever by Judy Blume
I liked this book. It was a pretty good portrayal of a first love. The reviews made a big deal of the seperation, although that was something that occurred much later in the book. I would've liked to had Micheal's perspective. She seemed a little cold towards him.
A Girl Like Che Gueverra by Teresa De La Carrida Doval
This book was about a teenage girls experiences in a School in the Fields in Cuba. It was not censored,but it suprised me that although there were a lot of hardships in this camp and that life in Cuba under Fidel Castro was not perfect, the teens in the story had basically normal lives. I liked it for both the perspective it gave me on life in Cuba, and how well it was written. Both true-to-life and interesting "A Girl Like Che Gueverra" comes highly recommened.
Bigger, Faster, Better,More 4NonBlondes
I've been a fan of 4NonBlondes for years, possibly ever since they released this cd. What's Up with its catchy hooks and yahs is a personal favorite of mine.I found this at a thrift store (

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