Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Earthsea part one

Except for a few of her short stories I had never read anything by Ursela K. Guinn so I was pleasntly suprised by the SciFi channel's adaptation of the first two books of her Earthsea series. Lately there have been quite a few high quality adaptations of fantasty books. The breathtaking scenery alone was amazing, and I was highly impressed by the cinamatography. Most of the acting was exceptional, Danny Glover as Ged's master was incredible. Up until now I had only see Danny Glover in action movies, as tough funny good guys. Still a good guy in the movie, but totally differant then anything I have ever seen him before. Ged() was also impressive as the young bumbling and powerful wizard hero, who (so far) causes more problems than he solves. Also notable were Ged's advisary, and Tiran(). Isabella Rossolini got a lot of good reviews, but she didn't seem to stand out as much. The only actor that bothered me was the man who played Ged's father. Everytime he yelled at Ged, I expected him to say (as Ged walked away) something along the lines of "Oh well, whatever, it doesn't really matter."
Normally I don't really notice costumes but the costume designer did and excellent job. They seem to be a cross between South American, African and Mideval designs. Exactly what I would have expected from a place with a world of islands and magic.
Earthsea is a about a Magical world with sisters who keep the faith by warding of nameless ones (literally imortal beings whose true name cannot be determined) and wizards(both male and female) who protect and other wise help the general population by the use and practice of majic, of which much of the power comes by learning the true names of things and people. In the meantime a powerful and evil lord is trying to unite the lands of earthsea and destroy a young mage by the name of Ged. So far Ged has mostly caused trouble mostly by unleashing a nameless one as part of a way to beat a wizard in training from the house of lords. The lord has taken over the wizard school on Rilke, but not the monestary of the sisters. I thoughroughly enjoyed the first half and can't wait for the second half, infact i plan on reading the books as soon as I can.

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