Wednesday, December 8, 2004

The Quick Fix Kills-Saint Something

"What the world needs now is a loud, underground post punk band." or is it "Like I need a whole in my head." I don't know, but either way The Quick Fix Kills is an excellent example of a talented post punk, screaming emo, garage rock, whatever you want to call them band, beggining to make their way in the world. Check them out at If they keep at it, with hard work, dedication, and a little radio play they may very well find there way as the next punk phenomenon. Right now there a band with a not too bad cd and a few good songs that I would like to see live sometime if they were in town. Of course I live in Athens where every night of the week I can see a good bad for under $10, so that actually says something. Liked the cd. Gave me the impression that it would be a good band to see live.
The Quick Fix Kills appears to be a band filled with talent musicians who got together and realized they had something but needed a singer and some lyrics. I image the conversation went something like this. "You know we sound good, but I don't think anyone's going to listen to a band that's purely instumental" "Your right. Hey, I know this guy who writes and reads poetry. He's pretty dramatic about it. I bet we could get him" Because that's what it sounds like. Yes, screaming emo isn't called screaming just for the fun of it, but the music and the "singing" sound almost comepletly independant. They're are times one they do come together, like "Pick Your Poison" which combined with the slower rythm and the wispers and wails make for an enrthraling sound.
I found this cd for less than a buck at the Habitat for Humanity Thriftstore (great organization, check them out so I consider it a great find. Even at $10 ($1 per song) its still a pretty great bargin. Like I said these guys are good muscians, and if you like loud fast music, with some veriety. I have to say that I was actually impressed. I've seen a lot of punk bands and listened to a lot of their cds and most of them were basically the same song over and over again, except with different lyrics. Which is great when your at a show, but why busy a cd. But even after a second listen I still enjoyed listening to The Quick Fix Kills- Saint Something.

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