Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bear Vs. Shark by Chris Bachledor

This novel is amazinly innovative. It is set in the near future, but much like Orson Well's 1984 is not about the future and instead satires current society. In this novel a family, the Normans, is traveling to the independant country of Los Vegas (formerly of Nevada) in order to watch a much anticipated wrestling match between an electronic bear and shark. This contest is supposed to be the culmulation of the "age old" question of who would win in a contest between a bear and a shark, given that all things were equal, of course.
In actuality the book doesn't really have anything to do with bears and sharks, but instead is more of a cultural comment. This is a world wear t.v. has no off switch or remote, and no one really knows anything because of the constant influx of wrong information from the internet.
Each of the chapters is short satire of a differn form of contempary media. The chapters all weave to form a plot that forms an intricate portrait of just what has happened to american families.
Best of all this book is entertaining. It's better than the internet. And it's much much better than t.v. So while you can, go turn them both off, get a copy of this book, and find out what its all about.

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