Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Garden State

I think this movie, http://www2.foxsearchlight.com/gardenstate, is going to quickly become one of my favorites. It's a little sappier than what I usually go for, but its really good and really cool. I've been watching Zach Braff on Scrubs http://www.nbc.com/Scrubs/index.html for a couple of years now, and I really liked what I saw. It' s really powerful, not only is it about a guy who can't feel anything (Andrew- Zach Braff) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000204 that changes that, but its also about characters that are real and true. I know the people in that story. I don't know any millionares per se, but everybody knows someone who's all set up for life, only to discover that they're really bored.
The whole thing was really well written, and I really liked it. The begining, with the dream on the plane that's crashing and he I think it was a perfect metaphor for Andrew's life up until that point. The nice thing is that this movie talks about some deep important issues, without being too contrived or sappy. If anything the movie was a little surreal. But sometimes life is surreal. Even everyday things are a lot weirder than we think they are.
The only weak point is at the very end. There's nothing wrong plotwise with how it ended, although I could forsee several different ones, its just that it was badly described. I don't like how the audience learned the end of the story. It came totally out of left field. It made sense but I still had to say WHAT? I'm not going to go into more detail because I don't want to give anything away.
The soundtrack was awsome. Perfect and awsome. I want it. I will probably buy it. Great indie rock stuff.
Great movie. Awsome stuff.

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