Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Donnie Darko

There's just something about this movie. I don't quite get it yet at the same time its very simple to understand.
This movie, stars Jake Gyllenhaal http://www.jakegyllenhaal.com/ as Donnie Darko, a paranoid schitophrenzic, whose daytime hallucinations are actually real. The movie begins with a plane engine falling on Donnie's room. Actually the movie doesn't begin there, but this is very important and surreal. I belive that this happens in an episode of wierd tales or something, but I can't find any evidence of that.
The movie goes from surreal to ordinary just like that. Part of the trouble this movie had box office wise stems from the fact that it transends genres. It has become a cult hit, and is definately one of my favorites. In fact it has become so popular that a director's cut (which I have not seen and intend to see) has been released.
Honestly I can't say that it totally makes sense- I don't understand a lot of the whys, but its not totally ambiguos, like many people think. I think one thing you have to understand in order to understand the movie, is that everything Donnie sees is real, including Frank.
I just love the way Jake Gyllyenhaal's eyes look in this movie. They really contribute to the darker side of Donnie's character. Donnie is not evil despite the fact that he does many troublesome things. He is troubled though, but I don't think this is why he does what he does.
There are lots of interesting things in this movie, that have been speculated about ad naseum, but I really think you should just see the movie, and once you have check out the website http://www.donniedarko.com/. Its really well done and adds a lot to the movie.

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