Saturday, June 4, 2005

Athens Area Arts Open House Weekend

I have to say that this is a rather broad topic for a review, but as its one of the greatest things about living in Athens (not the weekend, the arts in general), I'm going to try to say a little something.
We spent all afternoon driving around looking at pottery. Some of the highlights were Farmington pottery, which had a nice selection of mostly unique pottery. His pieces were some of the nicest I saw today. It's pretty much all functional. This guy has a has a large wood burning kiln (two in a barn) which my brother says is neat. I have to take his word for it since I don't know much about the kilns themselves except the ones I've seen have all been gas or raku.
Another highlight was J.B (Jeff Bishop) and friends open house and sale. They had some pretty unique stuff. It was very colorful.
We also went to happy valley which I had forgotton was all production. Sure everybody does some production, but these guys do nothing but. I don't really like it. If that's what you want they do a good job of it though.
We did not go to the Bendzunas's (Comer) http://www.bendzunasglass.combut they are good glassblowers . They do a lot of production work as well, but they also have a lot of very interesting experimental works. They are a family bussiness as all the kids (20's) do some glasswork as well. It's definately worth the drive out.

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