Monday, June 13, 2005

Gabriel Young's last show (for now)

Tasty World June 11 2005
I wanted to say something really amazing about this show b/c Gabe (and Kalen) are such great singer/songwriters (if you happen to read this Gabe I'm sorry about the label), and I was looking forward to the show. But aside from the fact that I got to hear Gabe do some of his own songs Saturday's show was not all that spectacular. It was much to short and there were too many technical difficulties. But I really enjoyed it anyway, as did the rest of the audiance. The set was short. They began with a song off their album that I can't rember the name of. Then Kalen did a much changed version of Don't Wait on The Rain which I didn't particularly care for, Gabe did an amazing song called Saving Grace, Kalen did another song -it was a new love song, Gabe attempted a song-amazing song called Slow. They ended with-actually I belive they ended with Don't wait on the Rain. I don't belive they played that song twice so I don't know what Kalen played.
In case you are interested Kalen has his own website and has his own CD. I heard it and did not like it because it was too produced. But if he likes it and other people like it, fine. People are entitled to thier own wrong opinions.
I don't know what they are going to do when Gabe gets back from Honduras. I could have asked Gabe what he thought, but this is one of those rare times when I don' t want to know, mostly because I don't want to have any input in that.
I really enjoyed listening to them. Over the last year that I've been following them they have changed a lot. And I like it. But there are things I don't like. I'd like to hear more of Gabe by himself. But Kalen is talented too, and they do seem to work pretty well together, although I'm not sure that they are going in the same direction musically. I have to say that I was really impressed by the fact that Kalen kept going even after he broke a string. I thought that was really professional in a "the show must go on" kind of way.
If you haven't already check out their website at
The opening acts were worth checking out as well, in particular the girl Larissa Delorenzo. She had some good stuff. I would compare her to a cross between Jewel and maybe that singer from the sixties that died of a drug overdose. She's a chick with a guitar, but she's not just a chick with a guitar. I was particularly impressed with one song that was called Richford or something. It was the name of her home town. Anyway it was cool.
Darien Cunning was up next. He was o.k. Unfortunately he had taped a lot of what he was doing and most of it was not live. I did not like that.

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