Sunday, June 5, 2005

Panera Bread

A bit pricey.. (between $5-10) but its worth it every once in a while. They make good soup and sandwiches, salad too. Very simple, and good. Of course the bread is the selling point, nice freshly baked bread from scratch. Sometimes you can see them kneeding it in the back. Everything is fresh and flavorful.
I like to get a half salad or half soup and sandwich combo. My favorite is the tomato and mozerrlla pannini or portabella and mozzerrella panninni
They also have a very good french onion soup which can be served in a sourdough bread bowl, but I haven't found a vegitarian soup that goes with it (the french onion soup is probably not vegitarian but that doesn't really bother me)
They make good and bagels and sell them by the loaf or by the dozen. My favorite are the asiago cheese. They also have some lower carb options .
The store itself is kinda tacky, as its fast food. I don't really like that. I think if I'm going to have gormet food I should get a nice restraunt. Not trays and stuff. They don't have waiters which is fine, that reminds me of a deli. But its the cheap plastic containers which get me..
They have lots of choices everything from pbj to roast beef to
You can check out there menu on the website here

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