Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Batman Begins

I've been a fan of batman ever since I can rember and the one really great thing I can say about this movie is that it was the best movie I have seen. I realize that doesn't say much as most of the recent batman movies have been pretty disapointing. Even with a less than stellar cast, (Katie Holmes plays Bruce Wayne' love intrest- Rachel) I really enjoyed this movie.
The plot was what made the movie. I have to admit though that there were some pretty big scientific blunders (which my scince geek friends were all to happy to point out) but I tend to not let that kind of thing bother me.
The movie is about the origins of Batman. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) spent many years coming to terms with his parents senseless murder, eventually becoming a rouge ninja (after rejecting his teacher's philosophies). Through help from a silenced employee (played by Morgan Freeman) the butler who never gave up on him (Michel Cane) and his girlfriend at the DA's office (Holmes) Bruce Wayne become Batman, an icon set on saving his hometown. The movie explains the origins and histories of all the characters including the good cop (Jim Goldman) and the joker. One thing that I especially liked was the use of flashbacks to tell some of the backround of the story. The plot was weel written and unlike other Batman movies it was well fleshed out. I thought that the characters were difinitively well rounded, and that overall the movie was fun and enjoyable. Theere were plenty of fight scenes and action, ena little bit of romance and some horror at the end. I don't think it was too scary for young children (think wizard of oz), and wis certainly deep enough for a second or third movie). I encourage you to see this movie and am looking forward to other Batman movies from the films creators.

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