Friday, June 3, 2005

Taco Stand

I love this place. Sure its not authentic at all, and they microwave lots of things (I think) BUT ITS LOCAL! and where else can you get a tofu burrito (outside of california). As far as I'm concerned the taco stand is the best.
It used to be great because it was the cheapest place and very affordable but now that I've gone from broke to completely broke, and gas prices have doubled its not as cheap as it used to be, but its still pretty affordable. You can still have a pretty decent meal for less than $3 bucks (higher than than toco bell, yes, but taco bell sucks).
Taco stand is kinda like a cheap sports bar, except that instead of showing sports on mute they show the news, and the music is much better (usually WUOG, plus its a great place to people watch (especially downtown).
I have to admit that Mean Bean is pretty good too, but the taco stand holds a special place in my heart b/c I discovered it first.
Like I said the food is great. You just have to take my word out there. And don't worry all you carnivores, there's plenty of meat filled options to satisfy you. So grab some friends, head on down and support local bussiness.

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