Monday, June 13, 2005

Dance Real Slow by Micheal Grant Jaffe

I really liked this book. It was one of those easily digested books that are perfect when you just want to relax. Michael Grant Jaffee is a talented writer.
This book concerns a young single father Gordon Nash who has just moved to small town Kansas from a large city in Michigan after his wife left him and his 4 year old son Calvin. The books deals with Gordon struggles with his new life, with his past and with the people he meets. Gordon is a man who both loves his son and struggles against him. On reading this book I felt that Jaffe must have lived this life himself because he knows the characters and their feelings so well. However I could find very little about him on the web, and the short bio on the book cover didn't tell me anything either.
The characters and the changes they go through are what make this novel such a compelling read. This is Jaffe's first novel, and I look forward to seeking out and reading the two novels he has written since.

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