Friday, July 15, 2005

Athena Magazine for Women

I picked up the first issue of this magazine because I'm always interested in local media. This is a neat little women's magazine. Its not really what I'm into, but its more diverse than most fashion magazines. It seems to cater towards more conservative women. Like most women's magazines there is a section devoted to clothing and fashion, but there are also articles on remodeling and fixing the home, an article about cooking, and sections on exercise and relationships. The magazine strives to appeal to all women, not just the overly image and fashion conscious.

This magazine was well done. The photos and layout are high quality and professional. It is printed on sturdy high gloss paper that gives it a more professional look than some of the other small local magazines. It appears that the magazine was well researched as well. Some of the writing is a little sloppy, but I'm sure that will improve as the magazine grows and begins to attract better writers.

The nice thing about this magazine is that it is all local. The writers and staff are local, as well as the events and people they feature. In addition the fashion shoot and ads feature local business. While these are not necessarily businesses or events I would spend my time or money at, I know there are many people in this area who would and am impressed by the local nature of the magazine. Overall it seems to be a good magazine that will grow and improve. I recommend that if you are interested in such a magazine that you support local business and pick up a copy.

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