Sunday, July 10, 2005


This restaurant is located on Washington street next to the X-Ray Cafe and near the 40 watt. Its a nice little diner style place that serves burgers/sandwiches in a retro atmosphere. Clocked has a rather large selection of vegetarian sandwiches/burgers (which is always nice)! Its a little pricey ($6 for a sandwich, $2 for a drink)but well worth it.

The decor is nice, dirty, and retro. Its a nice place to hangout with friends. Local, rock, folk, and obscure music comes from the speakers. T.V on bar plays retro cool shows like thunderbirds and Dr. Who. Clocked has become popular with local hipsters and is a hangout for many of them. It was a little crowded on a Sunday evening( when most people are at church or at home or relaxing from a busy weekend).

I ordered a Philly cheese "steak" sandwich and fries; both were very good (they also offer a version with steak for you carnivores and omnivores). The cheese fries were excellent, made with real cheese (two kinds) and fresh steak fries. They are famous for their cheese tots, but I am not a fan, so I didn't try them. The cheese "steak" was excellent, almost perfect. It had plenty of onions and peppers and just the right amount of mayonnaise and tomatoes. The bread was not fresh baked but was still very good. It was white, and while I normally prefer wheat, this was much better. Nothing was stale, and nothing was too salty. A Philadelphia, but it was excellent. Of course I gave up meat so long ago I don't ever expect that to happen again.

A word to the wise, the last time I was there I had a falafel burger, which I did not like, mainly because it was too much falafel, but if you like that kind of thing- go for it.

Clocked also serves a wide variety of specialty and ice cream drinks including soft punch, watermelon lemonade, and orange creamsicles, so check those out as well. They also serve wine and beer, as well as the usual cokes and sodas.


Anonymous said...

I agree that it's a charming place, obviously sandwiches are the way to go... I made the mistake of ordering the hazelnut pasta, which was supposed to be tossed w/basil and fresh tomatoes. What I got was a HUGE pile of overcooked linguini resting on 8 artfully arranged raw basil leaves (whole!), and topped with a skimpy handful of diced fresh but pale underipe tomato. That was back in the height of tomato season, too.
I was tortured by the sheer beauty of my friends burger, even though I really don't eat much meat. His french fries were amazing, tho, so I'll be going back, to try the comfort foods. I bet the cheese fries are WOW.

Anonymous said...

I am a long time employee at Clocked, at least I was until the owner destroyed everything that was cute and cool abnout it. He treats the employees horribly, steals directly from thje tip jar to finance whatever it is an aging failed hipster has to finance and will not hesitate to sacrifice quality for his bottoim line. After working there for almost two years,I was, along with several of my coworkers, fired because we didn't agree to reduce our salary by $1.50 an hour. Disregard my negative review as the product of a bitter seperation, but i assure you that as the man who made everything in the restaurant for the last two years, it is definitely not worth the incredible prices charged.