Monday, July 18, 2005


I like the concept of a drive in restaurant, but this business has some bad practices. I will admit that the frozen drinks are good. I can't vouch for the food since they don't serve anything vegetarian. They don't even have grilled cheese or vegetarian breakfast food. The prices are pretty decent, about $2 for a large drink. They have a nice verity of unusual items like their shushes and frozen cream pie drinks. They're open later than most places, which is nice.

I have two major problems with this place. First they pay thier car hops $3.15/hour, which is bad enough by itself, but nobody tips. If you think you can live with that I suggest you try living on it. I've had a few friends work there, and many of them complained that they paid more in gas and taxes than they made working there. Secondly their food is very processed and very unhealthy. It's just weird. Plus they use Styrofoam cups and containers, which even

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