Sunday, July 3, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Angelina Jolie) and John Smith(Brad Pitt) are two compeating assasins that just happen to be married. The two are lead double lives, each unaware of the others true occupations, until they go after the same target. One of the things that makes this movie work is the fact that Jane and John are forced to attempt to kill one another after discovering they are both assasins
Jolie and Pitt did a convincing job of portraying a married couple whose life has becomes quite stale. I've never realized what a fine actor Pitt is until quite recently, and this movie is no exception. The chemestry between Pitt and Jolie was amazing.

Vince Vaugh was also in this movie, and while I liked his character, (an divorced assasin living at home with his mother) it wasn't my favorite part.

Seth Cohen had a cameo role as the Smiths target-"Tank". I''m a little torn about this. He either did a bad job playing a creep or a good job playing an annoying brat. Either way it worked. (Yes, I know his real name isn't Seth Cohen, but that's who Adam Brody was in this movie).

Although some of the plot is quite predictable, it was still quite well written. I particularly liked the extended metaphor using comparing spy life to married life, with all its little secrets and heated battles. A few other things I noticed was Angelina Jolie catching notice of a department store display of a Leave it to Beaver family and Jane and John waiting in the elevator for there next fight (complete with elevator music). Plus Jane winning a stuffed bear after showing John up ( and later trashing said bear).

One thing bothered me quite a bit. Some of the camera work was terrible. In the begining the camera shakes a bit (I may have missed something here). Througout the film the picture was occasionally blurry or dark. This is not something I would expect from such a high budget film.

I highly recomend this film and can see why it is doing well. The film has something for everyone and is widely appealing, althought not really appropriate for teenagers (but probably ok for younger children).

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