Friday, July 1, 2005

The Sultan

This local restraunt is a nice little middle eastern place. It has a nice veriety of both meat and vegitarian dishes. Almost all there dinners come with "Greek" salad, that unfortunatly was not greek at all-iceberg (it was fresh though).
The atmosphere was a little unique being both a grocery store and a restraunt, but I could get used to that. The large screen t.v. blasting greek/indian (I think it was a mix of both) music was nice touch. The one thing that did bother me (other than the small size) was the lack of booths. I always sit in a booth when I go out to eat, but I didn't let that bother me.
The food was good. Every thing was fresh. I particularly liked the grape leaves. Nothing was perticularly spectacular, but considering the fact that Athens doesn't have too many other Middle Eastern restraunts, it was still good. I wouldn't drive far to go to it (unlike some others in town- the grit for one) but would definitely go back. The food was a little pricey ($8 for dinner, plus drink and dessert) but still good. I also would recomend the pomagranate drink. Nice and sweet, but not too sweet. I would not get dessert. It was good, but small and expensive. Not worth it unless you really want to try it and really don't know how to cook ($3 for 1'' of pastacio baklava).
All in all the Saltan is a nice little restruant that seems to show some promise.

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